sábado, 22 de marzo de 2014

Sweetnes, I was only joking

There is nothing more sweet than a pastel skirt. When I was in my cabin on the woods (which reminds me of a house of 1940's I got inspired and tried to dress how I would dress If i was in those ages. The lack of clothing in my suitcase did not helped to get the perfect outfit. So when I shoot this look I wasn't planning on posting them. But I could totally get the feeling I was looking for. I hope you feel the too. xx

miércoles, 19 de marzo de 2014

Black and White

Black and white outfits and photos are just classic, they bring something vintage and timeless that I like. Balance is the key of wearing edgy pieces or too femenine pieces. It's all about the styling. Thats why I love wearing this dress that reminds me of something Elie Saab would design for the teen years. Pairing it with oxfords, hat and a leather jacket makes it just perfect for me. How would you style a sweet dress?

lunes, 10 de marzo de 2014

Suit & Tie

Shirt and Shoes from Forever21, DIY fringed blazer,Purse from Nine West

Since Hedi Slimane introduced a new way to wear "The Tuxedo" look I have been OBSSESED the fact of making the perfect balance in the feminity and masculine form and giving my mix wearing a little more country Isabel Marant-ish pieces like the blazer and the blouse with more classic stuff like the bow and the brogues. Last but not least leather pants to add some texture. I still think that accesories and a great makeup can make the outfit wonderful, how will you wear the tuxedo look?Xx

domingo, 2 de marzo de 2014

Mix and Print

February has been one of my most active months in my school. Since I have been doing projects non stop and because I have been football like crazy and as well as being captain of my school is this like special event they have. As well as my outfits consisting on running shoes and sport leggins. SO whenever I can dress up it feels like heaven is here. Mixing prits is usually something that I like to experiment with. It's an art. The key is keeping it subtle and with complementary colors. What do you do when you mix prints?Xx