lunes, 25 de febrero de 2013

The Clash

'Febrero Loco y Marzo otro poco' These days have been very windy that's when your trench comes on handy. I think this outfit has a lot of clashing with the Red,White,Blue,Beige,Silver and The black. But when you are about to clash colors you need to keep balance so you have 'The Clash' Fear is just another commodity in ADR words If you feel comfortable you never get the look.


martes, 19 de febrero de 2013

Electric Blue

Dress from Zara,Boots from Tommy Hilfiger, Sweater from HM. Photos by Fabiola Cuevas

Spring is coming, that's why I'm starting to wear more color on my outfits.I'm getting the change of season flu. That is why I'm wearing a sweater because I'm sick and after 6:00 pm temperature starts to get lower and lower. I'm excited for spring. I really want to try hologram and metallic trends. What are you excited to wear?


domingo, 17 de febrero de 2013


Skirt-American Apparel Shoes-ZARA Sweater-Forever21
Photos by awesome Fabiola Cuevas

Hi guys, I just finished the most annoying week in the world exams and projects week. Now that is over I have more spare time. The Friday of Valentines My best friend Samuel a.k.a The Trench Coat Man and Me destroyed the city. I love the big sweater he gave me. Besides the fact I can't get out the circle skirt and my oxfords they are so pretty to be true. What did you where in Galentines day?


domingo, 10 de febrero de 2013


Hi guys, I know I haven't update in a while, but I have exams and projects week. That means a synonymous of mortal work. I have post prepared. So don't worry. Winter where I live is about to get over. The wind is hard and the sun is bright. Hello spring. Even though this makes me upset. I will wear all my winter clothes last. To celebrate the true iconic weather stations. Are you excited for spring?xx

sábado, 2 de febrero de 2013

50 Shades

Booties|Urban Outfitters Skirt and Socks|American Apparel Fannel and Jacket|Forever21 Pearls|Vintage

Hi guys, February is here I'm ready for last days of winter. So now my plan is to wear all my winter clothing for last time.I just need to express again my love for the skirt and my booties. Just wonderful and have been very practical for this AW season. Beside loving wearing all black for winter. This is what is Gucci, literally. Anyways this I'm having a mini vacations on long weekend so it's time to finish seeing all I need for next season. XX

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