lunes, 27 de enero de 2014

Persunmall: Lets start with the pastels

Persunmall pre spring

Withe coat,Retro Blouse,Purple rain parka,Blue peplum skirt,Lavender earings,Sparkly blue clutch,Palid loafers, Statement necklace, Black boots

Sad to know that spring is barely one month ahead. This encourage me to wear all my coats for the last time. As spring is comming ahead I get inspired to use more pop of colors on my wardrobe starting with a royal blue. But somehow I got excited to use lavender again. This pieces are the versatil and perfect options to use on the remaining winter and into the spring!

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domingo, 19 de enero de 2014

Blue Pleats

Skirt form American Apparel, Booties from Urban Outfitters, Shirt from Loft, Necklace and jacket from Forever 21, Clutch from Calvin Klein

Winter embrace me to go use and experiment using black and dark colors, but as a good Mexican girl I need color at least a little bit. When I found this skirt in American Apparel I knew it was perfect lenght and color. I think this is skirt is the perfect all-season piece everyone needs.

P.s: I'm going to a 5 day school trip, which unluckly I don't have internet. But I should be here by saturday. See you then. Love you guys


viernes, 17 de enero de 2014


1-Hot drinks!

2-Boots and socks


4-Big coats

5-Full pail of blankets

6-Biker boots

7-Sweaters, sweaters and winter gear

8-1920-1970 fashion inspiration

I'm sick, yet again. Even winter is my favorite part of the year the fact of being under 15 or more degrees under of what I'm used to it, makes me change some habits like instead of being outside enjoying a sunny day I'm in bed watching Gossip Girl or Awkward on Netflix. But you need to make it work. You just need 8 essentials to beat this winter and live it fashionably. What are your winter essentials?


lunes, 13 de enero de 2014


Booties from Urban Outfitters, Pants and coat from Old navy (yes, Old Navy), shirt from Forever 21 and purse from Nine West

Everything that shines or has a metallic sheen is kind of my thing. Every time we walk around any store and my friends or family see something sparkly or metallic they said "You will like this" and I tell them "It combines with my personality". But my truly opinion is that metallic or shiny stuff just combines chic,unique and a futuristic yet classy vibe. When I went to Austin last summer my sister took me to Old Navy, she as me we have the same body shape. So finding the perfect jeans have been a long track. I have tried from 7FAM,Guess, Zara and other kind of brans jeans, but at least on my body Old Navy jeans fitted PERFECTLY, plus they are price affordable and really good quality. So this winter I went to buy more jeans and I found this beautiful pair of grey jeans. Actually they are kind of silver but if you look closely you can see this iridescent threads that just makes the jeans awesome. I tried to get closeup, but my lenses and lighting didn't help, but hopefully I can show them to you later. What are your fav. pair of jeans? Xx


viernes, 10 de enero de 2014

Fashion Resolutions: 12 Fashion Things to Try This New Year

 photo ari101_zpsd5541a3d.jpg
As Marilyn Monroe said, diamonds are girls best friend. It's for sure that only lucky ones can get all Dannijo or Gemma Redux stuff by clapping hands, but wearing jewelry doesn't need to be expensive. A statement piece can clearly change a basic outfit into something glam. This year I want you to invest into your first jewelry item and start collecting cheaper alternatives like cute vintage bracelets or HM necklaces.

2.Mix and Match
Mixing textures is something that only streetstyle starts can do right, but you can do it as well. Start to experiment and mix and match. I think you can go fool proof by just starting by staying in the same color palette and mix light prints with bolder prints.

3.Make it work
Runways are my main inspiration, but as some fashion insiders said. Fashion change but style remains the same. This is quick adopt trends that fit your personality and the ones you love and can work with your closet. Easy as that!

4.Fuck what people think!
It happens all the time, in my self it comes the basic 'people will see me weird if go dressed like this to this party'. If you are the fashion kinda of girl you only have a mission in this days. Make the statement. Get a boost in your confidence, because you are the one that should look weird to the bad dress girls and rock whatever outfit as an example to follow. (But, don't look weird to people, never be mean :) )

5.Hand by hand
Its not the same wearing your super lady like outfit with your messy and natural yet beautiful hair. Beauty and fashion were born as brothers,I admit this my harder to achieve resolution. But spending some extra 5 minutes to your hair and make-up can change your look. Details that makes perfection.

6.Make it fun, make it unique!
I love finding sparkly shoes, metallic purses, fury objects etc. Stores are finally caring unique pieces. Pieces like this make outfits more fun and happier!

As mixing prints, textures are a big deal too, Makes something more fun and fashionable. Trying this with maybe a monochromatic look mixing leather, fur, chiffon etc. Or neutral colors with sequins and other textures is a fool proof way. Just have fun!

8.Play with everything
I can't get enough of going into my mothers,dad etc closet. Even my little brother! I can find amazing stuff to play and style with it. Try doing this stuff one day you will remain with an amazing outfit and developing your styling features.

9.Use local fashion
Buying in your go to store is the best way to spend your money. I assure that the same number of Zara stores in your area are the same number of vintage and independent boutiques. Try going to explore this stores every once in a while, you can find even greater stuff sometimes.

As always and my favorite feeling. Getting inspired and then do your own version, which makes it more you and cool. I'm talking about doing more DIY's and off course wearing them. Trust me the feeling of finishing your DIY is one of the best feelings ever

11.Know your body
Last summer I went with my sister to a class about knowing your body proportions and how to rock clothing pieces the correct way for you. Since then I realize there is a thin line between looking good to looking damn gorgeous. The thing is easy, know your body and try to adopt what fits you best. (Keep in mind to break rules once in a while)

12.Perfect match
Dressing your boy to match you. I think is so chic and cute when your boyfriend has the bow tie the same color as your dress, or a suit that match your dress, or in the photo case a suit and dress in the same texture. Take your boyfriend into the fashion side, Every girl loves a well-dressed gentleman
(I need to get a boyfriend first)

miércoles, 8 de enero de 2014

New In pt 1

Hi guys, this winter I made my semestral road trip to USA, especially to Austin,Texas. This trip was just about spending time with my family in new years eve. If you want soon I can post some photo diary. Anyways, this is part one of what I got. So stay tuned to see how I style this pieces and some new projects. How did you spent your NYE? Xx


lunes, 6 de enero de 2014

Like Givenchy

Boots from ZARA, skirt is DIY, sweater from Bershka and Purse Vintage (Franco Sarto)

Hello my lovelies, So I know you already saw the DIY skir I did some days ago. Here is the complete outfit. As Givenchy just pair your skirt with some boots. In my case you can never go wrong with a pair of Biker boots and a Chunky sweater its just chic, witerish and my style. Oh and a chignon to add feminity. How would you wear this skirt? Xx