sábado, 31 de marzo de 2012


Hi guys , well this my look of the day with my tribal hat that I'm just in love with it. IM ON SPRING BREAK! the best thing ever in Monday my vacations starts officially so yes I will tell you my plans later. Today Im going to the Woods the place where I shooted my "Emerald Woods" with my dad, so yeah this is my look. I just realized is head to knees LEVI'S :)

Shirt and Shorts-Levis
Hat-From Colombia

lunes, 26 de marzo de 2012

Calvin Ked

Hi guys well as you know I attended the Foster The People concert which was amaizing! And for better news I going to Paul MCcartney so Im dying, beacuse Im going to The Kooks. Anyways here Im wearing a Trench that ¨I shoped from my mom´s closet¨ It is a Calvin Klein One beacuse It has be raining in the middle of the March. Again I wear my Keds which it give them a funny look, but beeing comfortable in the rain is a must.
Keds- Sneakers
ZARA- Pants
American Apparel - Shirt
Calvin Klein-Trench Coat


On Nails Dior - Waterlily

viernes, 23 de marzo de 2012

Two Kinds of Happiness

Hi guys , well yesterday I shoped my mothers closet, I found this really cool vintage blouse in a beautiful pastel yellow. Today Im going to see Foster The People live with my father :) The show starts in about 3 hours. So I will see how the things will get, I have a prepared post which im really excited to show you:)

Blouse - Vintage
Pants and Heels- ZARA

sábado, 17 de marzo de 2012


Hi guys Im back and it feels so good , today It will be a intersting day I will go to some places that I would talk you abouyt tomorrow, but lets talk about the hat, My father brought it to me in his latest trips to Colombia, is a tribal fedora hat, I really wanted to experiment with it , make it a fahion statement,so here is my look spring started so I love the color combination , see you tomorrow
Shoes- American Eagle
Shirt- Bershka
Hat- From Colombia

lunes, 12 de marzo de 2012

I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor

Hi guys well today I wanted to wear a skirt, but one of my fahion rules is not to wear sneakers with something super formal. But I didn´t want to look with heels in school and the street so I decided to wear this. At the end I loved the balance. So guys Im addicted to Instagram so I have get likes in my photos, but I want to get more followers such in here I allready hitted the 70 so I hope to get to the 100 this month or even more so please guys help me !!! See you tomorrow
Sheos- Keds
Shirt-American Apparel (Is kind of back scooped in the back :))
Blazer- Bershka

domingo, 11 de marzo de 2012

Salmon Sunday

Hi guys Im extremely happy EXTREMELY I had the finals last week which was the worst weekend ever but Im having good grades so I just feel soooooo happy. Anyways spring is coming where I live in the mornings is cold but in the afternoons are hot as h.. anyways so I really wanted to use this shirt a Salmon pastel and give my boots the last uses of the winter. Im going to use them in summer but just in a diferent way. BTW I opened a Instagram so please follow I get likes but no follows , you know story of my life well see you tomorrow.
Thanks For Reading!!!!
Boots-Tommy Hilfiger
Shirt- Pull & Bear
Jean Jacket- Vintage
Sunglasses-Betsey Jhonson
Nails- Absolutley Shore by Essie

jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

Last Nite or Afternoon

Hi guys well spring is coming today I wore this and I felt so hot in temperature. Spring is coming so my last Winter post are coming March would be one of my favorite months of this years so many good things are going to happen. My finals will end next week and I will post everyday:)
Booties - ZARA
Sweater- ROXY

Lets fall and scream during a shoot