lunes, 26 de agosto de 2013

New In

Loafers from Bass, Jackets from Cotton On and Urban Outfitters,Shirts from Forever21 and Urban outfitters,Pants from Tommy Hilfiger,Flats from HM and Purse from Nine West

So as you may know I went to my summer vacations to the US. This are just couple things I found. I'm still in the search for the perfect tartan blazer and Fall pieces. I bought the loafer because it remind me of Viktor and Rolf. And many runways more I think is my favorite shoe ever. As well I'm excited to go to VFNO in Guadalajara and just having my second weekend at high school. What are you excited about fall?Xx

martes, 20 de agosto de 2013

Tartan Calling

Tartan pants from Calvin Klein,shirt from Bershka, Booties from Urban Outfitters. Clock is a Vintage Mido and Bangles from (Brasil)Malwee.

Ladies and Gentlemen I present you the biggest trend and my favorite for the FW13-14 season. TARTAN. There is something about England or maybe Scotland (need to get my facts right) that screams Tartan. Love by starting just implementing little by little or from soft to a harsh one. Still looking for the perfect tartan blazer. But nothing that internet browsing can't do. The dog you see there is Ignacio. The dog of the keeper in the cottage. He is a sweet and very photogenic dog. My new era on a different educational system has begun. But props to the fact I'm learning French. But I need still to finish my Portuguese lessons. So do you like the tartan trend? Xx


domingo, 18 de agosto de 2013

Baby's Blue

Jeans by ZARA TRF,booties from Urban Outfitters,Leopard grey and black belt from Forever 21,Necklace is Vintage

Hello my lovelies,I went to some vacations as you may see to the Woods and to Texas. (New In coming soon) I had always liked to try the denim on denim but it never crossed my mind to do it.Simple and maybe will be timeless who knows. Right know I{m enjoying my last summer night before School starts. Excited but at the same time I wish I was only the USB kids use on their works. I have many looks prepared so stay tuned. Love you! XX


viernes, 9 de agosto de 2013

Silver Mint

Pants from Pull & Bear, shirt and heels fron Bershka. Photos by Natalia C

Hello beautiful people! Im just here enjoying last days of summer, even that my vacations sucked a LOT and how mad I am right know. I feel fashion is everything haha. This pants I purchased them at Pull and Bear. Not the kind of pants I will choose but having in mind the fact I need pants since my friends thinks that when I have soccer practice I spend lots of time for wearing trousers and carefully foldem up. So I thought this trouserish looking pants will be it. Having an Alexander Wang Touch. What do you think? XX


lunes, 5 de agosto de 2013

PerSun fashion Giveaway

 photo PERSUN_zpsa7ca274c.png

Hello my lovelies, as promised this is the surprise A GIVEAWAY. I know you liked my past one, This one is easier you just need:

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Giveaway ends on August 15TH, It's open internationally and the winner will be selected by the store.

Winners will be announced on PersunMall Official Page and their Facebook Page on 20th, August. PersunMall marketing team will contact winners by email, so be sure to check back then after you enter!

The special "Lucky Prize"(For all participants):
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jueves, 1 de agosto de 2013


Skirt and shirt from Bershka, Shoes and Blazer from ZARA, vintage necklace

Monocromatic is just something that I like experimenting with. Denim,white and black its just timeless. I think is just the polished look it gives. Sun came for a week so I shoot and shoot and shoot. So do you like monocromatic looks? Xx

P.D. Huge GIVEAWAY coming soon