lunes, 30 de junio de 2014

Girl Panic!

Wearijng black and white has been something I'm obssesed at the moment it just gives me a clasic and polished look and feel. Upgrading it with some more actual clothing pieces.Makes me feel just out of this season LV runway. How would you rock the clasic black and white?Xx

miércoles, 25 de junio de 2014


Summer combo has been my running shoes and some kind of more formal wear. Lately the running shoes has been all over the streetstyle and dome runways as well. in fact at the beginning I was not that sure about the combination. My days need to have some hours of excersizing so one day I decided to try the trend. To make my fashion more practical.Was magical to say the truth how comfortable was and how different it looked at least here in Mexico the trend has not started. One of the best feelings in fashion is discovering something makes you feel comfortable and making still a good statement. What are your fave fashion feelings? Xx

jueves, 19 de junio de 2014


The Perfect Summer Bracelet

1- start with your friendship or tribal bracelet.

2-Pick gems, pearls,crystals or everything you want to attach to your bracelet.

3-Sew it or you can use hot glue as well

4-You now have the perfect summer bracelet

Long time, long go. I know you missed me. Last month was crazy! Between futbol championships,finals,being captain of the school team, everything just went crazy. Thank God I'm out of any kind of mortal activity and I'm on a full summer sense. Just having time to blog, hang out, and the most important watching the world cup. I have planed so many stuff for the blog, I'm looking forward to showing you. But talking about this bracelet. Ethnic pieces are one of my favorite trends at the moment my favorite take was Valentino style. But the thing here is to custum the trend into your personal style, that's why I tried more classic embellishments. This kind of things make absoloutly a personal statement. What kind of embellishments would you lovelies would put to your bracelet? Xx