domingo, 30 de octubre de 2011

My babes

Happy Sunday evryone !! I hope You are liking my blog I didn´t know what to talk about today so I decided to show you ,one of my current obsessions my combat boots , This ones are my Tommy Hilfiger (One of my favorites designers)I got this last winter on my family vacations and I think they are perfect the color , the height evrything...So I just want to show them , beacuse you might see them allot in this post. Combat boots were huge trends the last winter , but this season are making a little bit of a comeback,Kal Lagerfeld for Chanel used the combat boots for this season
I think Combat boots is nothing classic at all but it kind of gives a new fresh look to an evryday outfit...I really wear this and I think the best thing to know about is to know to proporcionate the stuff like to wear maybe some lace or a really cute top you will see how I wear them later.. I hope you enjoy this !! And please tell me your thoghts about Combat boots.

sábado, 29 de octubre de 2011

Introducing myself

Hi guys !! My name is Karen!!Im really happy to be here to write abou what i like!! Wich is fashion...Yeah ! Allot of women like fashion but is really diferent to loveit to have a passion for it !!Beacuse you need to know about it ,read about it ,talk about it , have your own thoughts about it , but the most important thing is to know about your own fashion !! YOUR OWN STYLE.....

Well so I have this super clear. My style is really weird but it works.. First my style is more winterish..I mean that I like more the boots and that kind of stuff. My style is a little bit tomboyish,preppy,hipster and classic.Well is tomboy beacuse I can use what allot of my friends will never use:Combat boots,lace ups , etc.. And well hipster beacuse well see it by yourself and the kind of things I like , The most obvious thing glasses and vintage inspired things and last by not least classic and preppy Just beacuse this add a little of feminity to the things i wear and beacuse I LOVE the basics and the classic stuff ... Button up shirts , Vnecks ,black and white. But of course sometimes I will follow the trends (The ones that I like off course)So things I don´t like are 1st the hippie woodstock, boho...I need to admit I own some pieces that are inspired by this style but i used them my way..But the general style of the hippie boho style is a DONT for me, But as a fashion lover crazy maniatic, I need to play with the stuff but ALLWAYS BEING LOYAL TO MY STYLE.

Well i would talk about trends,outfits that I truly wear , opinions , tips, and a little more about my style in the next postings,but now lets get personal

Im a really funny (black humor)person , so probably sometimes I will say really umm *not common things* But if in some way you get hurt abput it Im really sorry , you know thats not my intention,and maybe the 70% of the things I say are joke , I really like to be with my friends , enjoy life , music , this is weird but I like school and having good grades , Yes I do ..Thats the nerd side.. , And what I love besides fashion is my friends and family I like to be close to them, Well as you can see Im burnette , wavy hair and I´m 5¨6 Just if you were wondering....FAIL

So well I just write a text that its allmost the size of The Holly Bible.. i wrote allot yes I know , But guys I really hope that you can make this work , even if it dosen´t I will write evryday or allmost evryday...Thanks so much for reading my *mini* introduction I hope that you enjoy it later on I will write more about my self I leave you some of my pictures