jueves, 25 de diciembre de 2014

Merry Christmas

Hello my lovelies, no time writting and this makes me sad. Obviously I couldn't forget my kind of tradtion of making a video for you. I have so much to share you guys, great news and content so stay tuned. I wish you the best christmas. Love, Karen.

lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2014

Rest my chemistry

Romper from Velvet Oak, tights from HM, Heels from Bershka and hat from ZARA
Cold weather and the inside. Mixing textures for me is an endless trick of the fall and winter. You can always have the heavy or cool textures on your outerwear with softness on your blouses and everything else. What I like about this outfit it is how you can never picture those elements together. But at the end of the day takes shape your own way. I dare you to mix this season. Would you? Xx

miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2014

Fall inspiration+ Homecoming dresses

photos from my tumblr.

I love fall, the fashion, food, makeup, everything is just perfect. Right know I'm being inspired by de 60's and 70's beauty and fashion looks. I'm into knit tights,big oversized coats, jewel tones and phsycodelic prints. Things I love playing in on fall. As beauty I can go for a 70's fresh and natural hair with the all natural face look (My everyday makeup) with dark or berry lips. Stay tuned for the very requested makeup and hair routine. What are your inspirations this fall? Xx


Homecoming is around the corner as well as winter graduations. (Very common on universities right here) I was contacted by Vowslove.com so I can show you my pics for what I could wear to one of this parties. I need to say this store has very different dresses and styles from the common prom dresses. Loved the Elie Saab inspired dresses. So if you are looking for homecoming, graduations or 2015 prom dresses. Visit their site. Take a look and choose your favorite dresses.Vowlove offers international shipping. For this homecoming season I want to go for less chiffon, more texture. More bling and uniqueness. I think it's time to get out the comfort zone.

Let me know which are your favorite vows love.com dresses and you homecoming trends

domingo, 19 de octubre de 2014

Mermaids in fall

ph. by Samuel Cervantes
skirt from ZARA, Boots from Bershka, shirt is DIY.

I can only found one negative point to fall. The fact of wearing the amazing stuff you found on the SS sales.But every problem has a solution. I found this in ZARA for sale. It's a piece not a very mexican-girl style. But, it took my complete attention on the contrast with the chiffon pleats and the sequins. If mermaids had legs they will wear this skirt. So how to style the rest? Add neutrals, a pair of boots and a coat. The simple solution to the next everyday problem. How will you style your summer items and make them FW appropiate? Xx

domingo, 5 de octubre de 2014


Boots from BERSHKA,Pants from Old Navy, Sweater Urban Outfitters (man section), shirt form ZARA

Fall color pallette. Pumped is the word that describes how I'm feeling in this new fall vibes. The climate has cool down,colors are something that definitive play a role on your feelings. So why don't we start by wearing dark colors on our outfit and start feeling fall-ish? What is your fall color palette? Xx


For a quick mention I was contacted by avivadrees.co.uk a online store that specializes on prom dresses,long prom dresses, short prom dresses, evening dresses,formal dresses,cocktail dresses,bridesmaid dresses etc. My school is having homecoming or winter ball soon. And I think your school is having to, otherwise is wedding season. So in here I show you my favorite dresses from avivadress.co.uk i found this dresses different from the average. As well as different leghts and formality scaale.Plus teh sizes and colors are really variety.Right now they are having 85% on Prom dresses + free shipping on orders over 199 £Try this store and let me know your thoughts and show me your dresses. Happy shopping.


domingo, 21 de septiembre de 2014

The essentials

Fall essentials

Fall my favorite season. Colors change and so as my mood. Enters to a whole new relaxation phase. Fall is about creating building and feeling good. That's why my true style comes up. As my essentials this fall everyone needs:
-A good pair of black booties as my new babes from Bershka
-Parker Pants (The 60-70's are back and what better than Tommy Hilfiger parker pants, my favorites)
-A jumper (ineeded)
-Plum lipstick
-Emerald coat (Refresh your outerwear with some color)
-Statement clutch

So with new season, shopping is just a must. As recomendation I found www.raise.com a place where you can Buy giftcards for discounted prices. And all from your favorite retailers. So take a look to Raise and let the shopping begin!

what are your favorite fall statements? Xx

viernes, 8 de agosto de 2014

How to steal your moms closet: 10 things to look in it.

Since little every little girl had a favorite game, dressing up with your mother clothes. No dought since little you saw that dress that you want so bad or asked your mother to lend you some ring or blouse. As well as asking her advide. At the end of the day before going out in your teenage years is your last filter and the opinion I actually care the most. In this experiment I went to my moms closet and pick my favorite pieces. For the making of this article I used a "white canvas" outfit which consist of a t-shirt and a jumper with some flats, so every piece I used could match with the outfit. Just keep in mind that with vintage pieces or your mothers clothes your styling options are endless.

The first thing I looked in my mothers closet.No dought your mom will have this amazing rings and pieces she has collected over her years and marriage. In this foto I show you the rings she bought when she was 20, Her aunt necklace,the pearl wuth gold detail and Bangles my sister brought her from Brasil.

A basic piece, you should have a sweater on your closet. What mothers sweaters have in special is that they are clasic, timeless and probably they aren't a forever 21 cotton material, in fact they are cashmere or the softest cotton in the world. The grey sweater is from Ann Taylor and the dark beige is from Donna Karan.

The stapples of the dressing up game. Mothers usually have nice purses that comparing mine with they are classic, they match everything and just adds a pretty element and extra points to any outfit. While mine are just maybe little,metalic and fun. But, sometimes a clasic element adds the final touch, expensiveness or class every outfit should have. Both purses are Calvin Klein.

4-Dressy Dresses
Like the bags my mom has more elegant, classic and conservative dresses. It's crazy to think about how many times my moms dresses have saved my image on others spaces. I love my sundresses and little dresses and its amazing how well you can dress them up or down, but sometimes you require more than that. Beautifuol dresses, elegant look.

5-"This is what I wore on the 70's"
Your mother was young too. I found funny when I'm looking my magazines and my mom tells me "I used to wear that kind of dresses when I was 20". The 70's was the youth years for my mother so the fact of having those pieces that are legitimate vintage pieces that adds a wonderful and history touch to your outfit. Other wise maybe they aren't vintage, but they are inspired o they remind them of something in the past. Both white pieces and the pastel yellow shirt are vintage and the colorful inspires shirt is from LOFT.

6-Beauty Products
Beauty products are something that caughts every girl attention. Your mother by this years should have holy grail products, her favorite perfume from her early years, amaizing face care products (especially for removing dry cells.)No dought your mom has the greatest beauty products.

A Jacket is what I usually steal from anyone closet. The Outerwer just adds the base and sometimes the focous piece. In here the raincoat is from Calvin Klein, the blazer is from Donna Karan, the leather jacket is from Kenneth Cole and the burgundy zip up is vintage.

A Blouse somethig that works for any age, plus they are flattering for any shape. Just style them the best way to add a little bit of dressing up to any outfit. All blouses shown here are from loft, but the pink button up is Ralph Lauren.

9-Your Grandma's stuff
The stuff you think are the prettiest among everything. In my case my mother only has the remaining vintage jewerly she have her. My grandma used to have a greeat taste on earrings. All pieces are vintage.

10-Things from her past trips
What is better than souvenirs? Well, fashion souveniers. It's incredible and so fun to transform pices with culture into your own style. Both withe tunic and skirt are from Greece and the scarf is from India.

At the end of the day your mom represents a part of your style. One more proof that mothers are amazing. What would be your steal pieces?Xx

P.D Happy night mom!

viernes, 1 de agosto de 2014

Leather Freak

Top is DIY,shorts from Forever21, Shoes from ZARA,purse by Calvin Klein,Glasses by Betsy Jhonson, Necklace is vintage.