jueves, 22 de diciembre de 2011


Hi guys, well today my family was year cleaning. So we take out all the toys,clothing and other stuff to donate. This time I found a vintage top that has a bateau neckline. It was new and my sisters so this is from Forever 21 and probably from the 90s. So I told my mother if I cam pimp it. I only kept this thing because this kind of remind me to a Prada print.So I make it into a beautiful cardigan.

You will need:
1-Long sleeve shirt.
4-Mesuring tape or a ruler.
6-Time. (I did it in about 10 to 20 minutes)

Step 1: Measure the lenght of the shirt and make a mark in the center of the sweater.

Step 3: CUT !

Step 4:Shape the neck.

Step 5: Secure it.


Step 6 : Place the embellishments.

Step 7 : Secure the embellishments(This are spider ones so I just need to press the ends.)

Step 8 : Repeat.

Voila!(Or however is spelled)

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