miércoles, 22 de febrero de 2012

D.I.Y (3 minute Peter Pan collar)

Well I was looking in ASOS for some collars , beacuse I really wanted one for a red shirt I own , the thing is the impatience and I saw I have this pieces of lace for a school project , so I wondered Im in the woods How can I spent my time in something useful?, So I just grabbed glue and D.I.Y dudes!

-Lace I have this that the bottom are already curvy
-Super glue( Its better if you sew it , but this make a good job too.)
-3 minutes

Step 1: Trim your lace so you can have it the lenght you want . But be sure you leave some space so you can put some hooks or to tie it

Step 2: Find the middle of the lace and make a sign and fold it.

Stpe 3: Glue it and hold it

Step 4: Now rock it !

Outfits pic coming tomorrow :)

5 comentarios:

  1. Loved the lace Peter Pan neck! I really get inspire by it!

  2. Its great I can't wait to see it on me! Thanks its awesome!

  3. Great I hope it turns out well for me I'm not good at this stuff but its great and trendy! Like Louis Vuitton!