domingo, 11 de marzo de 2012

Salmon Sunday

Hi guys Im extremely happy EXTREMELY I had the finals last week which was the worst weekend ever but Im having good grades so I just feel soooooo happy. Anyways spring is coming where I live in the mornings is cold but in the afternoons are hot as h.. anyways so I really wanted to use this shirt a Salmon pastel and give my boots the last uses of the winter. Im going to use them in summer but just in a diferent way. BTW I opened a Instagram so please follow I get likes but no follows , you know story of my life well see you tomorrow.
Thanks For Reading!!!!
Boots-Tommy Hilfiger
Shirt- Pull & Bear
Jean Jacket- Vintage
Sunglasses-Betsey Jhonson
Nails- Absolutley Shore by Essie

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