lunes, 9 de abril de 2012

DIY "High-Low Skirt"

Hi beautifull people! Well today I have this awsome tutorial for you! On a High-Low skirt,Now you can find them anywhere, but the better ones are the ones you make yourself with love , so this skirt is inspired by Jason Wu , so please enjoy!

What you will need:
4-Measuring tape

1-Measure your body: Waist , Hips, Butt
So you can be sure to make a pattern that fits

TAKE NOTE: You may want to leave a little space in one of the sides with out hem, so you can put a button, zipper,elastic. Or for a more asy way make the skirt with the diameter of your hips and then you just need to work the edges and wear a belt to secure.

Step 2: Now is time , you have a maxi skirt , or just a rectangle , so sew it so now you can start to mark
1-Mark a semi circle from the bottom and then draw a line
2-Now make sure to draw a semicircle in the upper part

Step 3: As you can see I cut the bottom part now is time to fold your skirt in a half, but be sure that the sides are touching so it can be easier to cut the upper part.

Step 4: So now you are finished. Now rock this skirt, remember that You can secure the skirt how ever you want, see step 1

Thanks for reading!!
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  1. It's a great post finally I see what you talked to me! I wish I could do it but I'm not a women haha just for fun in design and a gypsy look!
    Will you make a complete outfit our of this?

    Good Work

  2. really great post this was a great tutorial my dear!
    XX Ilana @

  3. this is so impressive <3 love it!

  4. Hi Karen,
    I am Tarah of Tarah and the City. I found you on IFB and I'm so glad I did. You did a great job sewing this skirt. My skirt would have been asymmetrical on accident. You have to have that talent to be able to sew. You did a great job! Thank you so much for sharing.
    Tarah and the City

  5. Hi Karen!
    I'd love to follow you and would like it if you'd follow me as well :)
    Thanks soooo much for the tutorial! I have ruined 3 skirts so far, this will work so well for me!!! THANK YOU!

    1. Hi Reva!! You are welcome , If you try this, send me a picture on twitter on instagram my links at @KarenMgc on twitter and @karenmgc on istagram

  6. This is such a cut DIY :) I also love the fabric color you chose. I am now following your lovely blog. Stop by and follow back if you like what you see :)

  7. This is such a cool DIY, the skirt looks great :)

  8. love the skirt, really nice job...followed

    if you could check out and follow my blog will make my day:

  9. What an amazing idea! Me encanta!


  10. amazing DIY love this skirt!thanx for ur lovely words dear!

  11. This is a great D-I-Y tutorial. Will definitely try this.

  12. Hey Karen! It's Anto, from Vintage Mood :) I checked out your blog, and it's amazing, specially this post!
    I really want to do a collab with another fashion blogger, so if you're interested please contact me via twitter, IFB or Blogger.
    Take care!