lunes, 20 de agosto de 2012

DIY: Fringed And Galaxy

Hi people well in my vacations I got bored and I decided to do a Galaxy scarf and a fringed blazer (so Isabel Marant) Well the instructions are simple for the scarf make sure that you use Lycra Poly Rayon fabric so you don't need to worry about loose strands and the way to paint it is easy just sponge acrylic and fabric paint but you can bleach and spray it first! As the jacket I did it in 15 minutes you just need a old jacket and fringe just measure especially from the shoulders to the mid part of the chest (12 cm for me) just hot glue it and sew some parts and you are done!

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  3. It's like Darks, I love your scarf, so for pre-fall, love your blog!

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