martes, 20 de agosto de 2013

Tartan Calling

Tartan pants from Calvin Klein,shirt from Bershka, Booties from Urban Outfitters. Clock is a Vintage Mido and Bangles from (Brasil)Malwee.

Ladies and Gentlemen I present you the biggest trend and my favorite for the FW13-14 season. TARTAN. There is something about England or maybe Scotland (need to get my facts right) that screams Tartan. Love by starting just implementing little by little or from soft to a harsh one. Still looking for the perfect tartan blazer. But nothing that internet browsing can't do. The dog you see there is Ignacio. The dog of the keeper in the cottage. He is a sweet and very photogenic dog. My new era on a different educational system has begun. But props to the fact I'm learning French. But I need still to finish my Portuguese lessons. So do you like the tartan trend? Xx


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