miércoles, 27 de noviembre de 2013

The Front Rage

Boots from ZARA, Skirt from Max Mara, Shirt is Vinatge, Plaid shirt fron F21, Hat from ZARA MAN and purse from Nine West

Cold, cold, cold how not to love these days, yet again I'm in a double week finals. Period Finals and SEMESTER finals. These just makes me want to roll and cry for making more than 11 projects in a week f... competitive educational system.But then comes amortal week of 11 exams that value 50% of your final grade. LOL. Talking about fashion. I know I just love the fall color convination on this plus the metalic touch and the hat. Just makes me think in something nice. What is your fall/winter staple piece?

P.D do you like the new look?


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