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Spulgre vs. Save

Designer knock offs

Splurge vs Save

Splurge vs Save pt 2

splurge vs Save pt 3

Splurge vs Save pt 4

Splurge vs Save pt 5

As Coco Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger and many iconic designers said trends come and go...(You know the rest). But in this case lets focous on the first part of the quote. A major problem for the fashion insider is not being Carrie Bradshaw in sex and the city to go and buy brand new Diane von Fustenberg gowns every week. Even if you were Carrie Bradshaw I don't think she will buy a couple thousands dress for only one use.In these modern days trends come and go fast every season. So here comes one of the best tips every fashion girl could give you: Learn how to spend your money. That's why in this post I prepared some of my own choices of Splurge vs. Save eventhought all the designer pieces shown here are beautiful at least for me. Im not ready to spend that much money on clothing yet.There is a whole sience about getting the style for less. But it will allways be foolproof.Every time I wear my oxfords or my pleated skirt everyone ask me where I got them and getting stares of people. I got the same effect a Prada shoes will give me, but is only 28 times cheaper. Things shown here you already saw it on my blog, while others I'm planning on buying them. What are your next cheap but just too stylish only me can handle clothing pieces? Xx

I'm participating on Creditcardinsider.com campaing on Splurge vs. Save. It's a very interesting and helpful project you all guys need to check out! Stay tuned for more news on this.

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  1. These are great. I definitely can't afford to go out and buy all designer so I'm always forced to find "inspired by" pieces.