domingo, 30 de octubre de 2011

My babes

Happy Sunday evryone !! I hope You are liking my blog I didn´t know what to talk about today so I decided to show you ,one of my current obsessions my combat boots , This ones are my Tommy Hilfiger (One of my favorites designers)I got this last winter on my family vacations and I think they are perfect the color , the height evrything...So I just want to show them , beacuse you might see them allot in this post. Combat boots were huge trends the last winter , but this season are making a little bit of a comeback,Kal Lagerfeld for Chanel used the combat boots for this season
I think Combat boots is nothing classic at all but it kind of gives a new fresh look to an evryday outfit...I really wear this and I think the best thing to know about is to know to proporcionate the stuff like to wear maybe some lace or a really cute top you will see how I wear them later.. I hope you enjoy this !! And please tell me your thoghts about Combat boots.

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