sábado, 29 de octubre de 2011

Introducing myself

Hi guys !! My name is Karen!!Im really happy to be here to write abou what i like!! Wich is fashion...Yeah ! Allot of women like fashion but is really diferent to loveit to have a passion for it !!Beacuse you need to know about it ,read about it ,talk about it , have your own thoughts about it , but the most important thing is to know about your own fashion !! YOUR OWN STYLE.....

Well so I have this super clear. My style is really weird but it works.. First my style is more winterish..I mean that I like more the boots and that kind of stuff. My style is a little bit tomboyish,preppy,hipster and classic.Well is tomboy beacuse I can use what allot of my friends will never use:Combat boots,lace ups , etc.. And well hipster beacuse well see it by yourself and the kind of things I like , The most obvious thing glasses and vintage inspired things and last by not least classic and preppy Just beacuse this add a little of feminity to the things i wear and beacuse I LOVE the basics and the classic stuff ... Button up shirts , Vnecks ,black and white. But of course sometimes I will follow the trends (The ones that I like off course)So things I don´t like are 1st the hippie woodstock, boho...I need to admit I own some pieces that are inspired by this style but i used them my way..But the general style of the hippie boho style is a DONT for me, But as a fashion lover crazy maniatic, I need to play with the stuff but ALLWAYS BEING LOYAL TO MY STYLE.

Well i would talk about trends,outfits that I truly wear , opinions , tips, and a little more about my style in the next postings,but now lets get personal

Im a really funny (black humor)person , so probably sometimes I will say really umm *not common things* But if in some way you get hurt abput it Im really sorry , you know thats not my intention,and maybe the 70% of the things I say are joke , I really like to be with my friends , enjoy life , music , this is weird but I like school and having good grades , Yes I do ..Thats the nerd side.. , And what I love besides fashion is my friends and family I like to be close to them, Well as you can see Im burnette , wavy hair and I´m 5¨6 Just if you were wondering....FAIL

So well I just write a text that its allmost the size of The Holly Bible.. i wrote allot yes I know , But guys I really hope that you can make this work , even if it dosen´t I will write evryday or allmost evryday...Thanks so much for reading my *mini* introduction I hope that you enjoy it later on I will write more about my self I leave you some of my pictures

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