domingo, 17 de febrero de 2013


Skirt-American Apparel Shoes-ZARA Sweater-Forever21
Photos by awesome Fabiola Cuevas

Hi guys, I just finished the most annoying week in the world exams and projects week. Now that is over I have more spare time. The Friday of Valentines My best friend Samuel a.k.a The Trench Coat Man and Me destroyed the city. I love the big sweater he gave me. Besides the fact I can't get out the circle skirt and my oxfords they are so pretty to be true. What did you where in Galentines day?


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  1. Great post and photos! I'm so glad to be your best friend, we literally blew it up, although we are a pair of grannies that get tired of everything! Great post and outfit, your oxfords are like heaven so your skirt!

  2. Love your oxfords! I have a pair of coral and another of broken white, just can't get enough of them.

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  3. Love this look! It has such a nice flare to it :)