lunes, 13 de enero de 2014


Booties from Urban Outfitters, Pants and coat from Old navy (yes, Old Navy), shirt from Forever 21 and purse from Nine West

Everything that shines or has a metallic sheen is kind of my thing. Every time we walk around any store and my friends or family see something sparkly or metallic they said "You will like this" and I tell them "It combines with my personality". But my truly opinion is that metallic or shiny stuff just combines chic,unique and a futuristic yet classy vibe. When I went to Austin last summer my sister took me to Old Navy, she as me we have the same body shape. So finding the perfect jeans have been a long track. I have tried from 7FAM,Guess, Zara and other kind of brans jeans, but at least on my body Old Navy jeans fitted PERFECTLY, plus they are price affordable and really good quality. So this winter I went to buy more jeans and I found this beautiful pair of grey jeans. Actually they are kind of silver but if you look closely you can see this iridescent threads that just makes the jeans awesome. I tried to get closeup, but my lenses and lighting didn't help, but hopefully I can show them to you later. What are your fav. pair of jeans? Xx


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