sábado, 12 de noviembre de 2011

BD (Bad definition)

Hi guys !!! OMG !! DFHSADHCASDG !!! I know I know !! I havent post like in one million year but this was just a huge adventure 1st I forgot my camera in my friends house !!! Yes as I said It was and adventure beacuse we went for a dress me and my friends and then we get into her house well it was huge !! HUGE adventure this is what I wore on Thursday wich I picture this in the night really really night !! Plus my camera didnt focus so yes it was really bad pictures. So I correct them in picnik but well I hope you like it , now Im sick scince yesterday !! Yes , But Im feeling better so tomorrow I will blog to die !! I just will do my past outfits (GOOD PHOTOSHOOTS )Now im just chilling out seeing Devils Wears Prada with my sista!!!Thank you for reading !!


Cardigan-Forever 21
Jeans-Forever 21
Blouse- ZARA (100% silk ;))
Shoes-Nine West


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