martes, 8 de noviembre de 2011

Leather and lace

Hi guys !! Happy Thursday !! How are you doing ? Well today I haved a good weekend starting. So today was a great day , I just having a great day !! With my grades and evrything. Today was a chill day like everyday !! I LOVE CHILLY DAYS !! Well then of school I had my football practice and then Im just here in my house,So well now lets talk about fashion. Today my outfit I freakin love it !! Its casual but cute at the same moment!! I love leather jackets I think they are a must !! As well as some motorcycle pants !! SO yeah Im loving black with evrything !! Even black with navy blue (NOT )But yeah !! This is my outfit for today !! Rember to tell about the blog to evryone !I just realize almost evrything is for forever21.

Riding pants-ZARA
Jacket- H&M
Accesories-Handmade and Forever 21 the leather one IDK where is from.


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