lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2011

Chunky sweater

Hi guys happy Monday !! How are you doing ? I hope that well, Today it was so freakin cold And in the morning I was wearing flats like a lit bit summery the second I went outside my toes were freezing out so thats why I decided to use mocasins ! I found thins chunky sweater (SUPER BIG)Wich I hoped that It look different on me but anyways chunky sweater has it so well I really loving the look of sweaters with polos or formal oxford shirts under them.So maybe I will be wearing this kind of looks more often. So well I know this is super casual but well Im in high school and I have dress code wich it kind of suck !! But well anyways I hoped you enjoy reading !! If you like my blog please share it !! And if you have your own let me know !!

Mocasins-American Eagle
Sweater- vintage (Arizona Jeans CO.)
Nail Polish- Its alive by China Glaze


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